Online Pharmacy System

Shehani Wijetunga
5 min readJun 4, 2021

I’m going to start a new independent online pharmacy and create a digital business that will allow individuals to obtain prescription medicines and health care online and have them delivered right to their door with an online payment facility.

Online pharmacy has been able to draw a big consumer base in both developed and developing countries thanks to the broad use of eCommerce.It was obvious based on the Covid-19 pandemic that medicine and health care needed to become more accessible.

The government has enabled eCommerce to operate while individuals are locked in their homes and barred from out to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. People are using pharmacy delivery apps to order prescriptions, sanitizers, and other healthcare supplies these days.

The elderly and unwell patients’ reliance on third parties is reduced by using an online pharmacy app. They can purchase these drugs from the comfort of their own homes over the internet, which allows them to get a variety of drugs and save a lot of money by taking advantage of attractive discounts.

When physical and social separation became our key concerns, traditional pharmacies, which are generally tiny in size and have limited opening hours, felt less convenient and secure.

Because of the growing online pharmacy market and the increasing number of internet users, demand for e-prescription technology and on-demand drug delivery services is expected to be high on the demand draft. As a result, investing in a drug delivery service can pay off handsomely in the long run.

Relationships with pharmacies

We’ll need to form relationships with pharmacies, or medicine or drug dealers, to run the online medicine delivery service. We need to understand how a pharmacy delivery service, similar to Uber for pharmacies, works. The admin sends a delivery executive to pick up the drugs from the pharmacy and deliver them to the user as soon as the consumer verifies the order.
However, in the start of the business, we should only work with reputable pharmaceutical businesses to fulfill drug orders. As the company grows, we will be able to form partnerships with other pharmaceutical businesses around the world.

Various Advantages

1.Make a purchase from the convenience of your own home

People may get these drugs from the comfort of their own homes, as they do not have to leave their busy schedules to run from pillar to post. When it comes to the advantages of purchasing drugs online, there are numerous. These medical stores will also provide you with cost information, product information, and any other questions you may have. If a person is unable to access the internet, they can purchase drugs through phone by installing the online pharmaceuticals app’s mobile app.

2. Purchase medications online and have them delivered to your home

People with memory problems can buy drugs for long periods of time and not have to worry about their daily health care needs because their data and prescriptions are saved in the online customer’s data track. Due to these online medical businesses, medicine delivery is getting increasingly simple. There are numerous advantages to purchasing drugs online, including the ability to deliver medications to sick family members and loved ones through these online medical businesses. In a variety of fields, online medical retailers provide home delivery services. This software is one of several that provides home delivery services and allows users to keep track of their medications online.

3. Deliver at convinient time

One of the advantages of pharmacy delivery applications is the ability to schedule a convenient delivery time. It could be useful for people who, despite their illness, lead a busy lifestyle.

Main Features

Any mobile application’s frontline is its set of features. I’ll demonstrate what characteristics a pharmaceutical delivery app must have, as well as some additional features that can improve my app’s functionality.

Features for User

  • Registration & Login
  • Send Request of prescription
  • Get verification of prescription
  • Online Payment
  • Discount & Rewards
  • Place Order
  • Track Order
  • Return Order
  • Re-Order
  • Product Overview
  • Inter-app Communication
  • Customer Support

Backend Features

  • Registration & Login
  • Manage doctor Details
  • Manage user Details
  • Manage Product Details
  • Price Management
  • Order Management
  • Delivery & Shipment Management
  • Analyse Review & Ratings
  • Discount & Reward Management

Feature Description

I’d like to build a list of the most important features for this type of application. If I have the option to offer nice-to-have features, I can ensure that my software will succeed quickly.

  1. Prescription-The app should allow doctors to transmit prescriptions to system of relevant patients, allowing them to order drugs quickly and securely.
  2. Direction - The pharmacy app should have all of the necessary information for patients, such as medicine consumption details and side effects. It’s also helpful to have medication prepared in the correct quantities and instructions to help consumers take their prescription correctly.
  3. Use an online chat room — Consumers may require assistance at any time of day, so make sure your app has a support team to assist with placing orders, offering additional product information, and maybe assisting if the patient need the services of a pharmacist.
  4. Make a request — Customers have the option of requesting a drug that is currently unavailable.
  5. Reviews — This feature will assist the client in gaining trust and ordering the medicine without hesitation, as well as determining which of the suppliers is the best.
  6. Substitutes — In the situation that a patient’s prescription medication is unavailable, the app should give them with alternatives to purchase.

Design Diagram

Work Flow

Final Thoughts

Pharmacy delivery service will change the game, keeping in mind the pandemic situation and the advancement of technology in every aspect of modern life. Patients will rely on their smartphones using internet more than the nearest pharmacy store to acquire their prescribed prescription on a regular basis and without interactions. The development of such an app necessitates both technical and medical knowledge. When these services become more important than the ease of mail-order delivery, make sure to pick an app provider carefully.

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